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CCC Voluntary Standards

The goal of participating in the Canine Cares Certified program is to go beyond what is required and help promote excellence in professional kennel management.  Responsible Ohio breeders care about their dogs and want to see them go to good homes to receive the best care and treatment. Participation in this program is voluntary and not meant to replace what is required by state and national law. It does complement the current standard and exceeds what is required. 


What Does Canine Care Certified Mean?

Canine Care Certified is a nationwide, voluntary program that addresses the health and overall welfare of dogs in the care of breeders in the United States. It is the only program that not only incorporates measures of the physical health of dogs and puppies raised by breeders, but also strongly emphasizes their behavioral well-being.

For Breeders:  Science-based standards to ensure a higher, documented quality of care for dogs and puppies.

For Consumers: Ensuring that specific health and welfare standards have been met.

For Veterinarians: Evaluating wellness and medical care, veterinarians protect the welfare of breeding dogs and their puppies.


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