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Requirements for Responsible Ohio breeders

Going Above And Beyond For the Welfare of dogs
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All parent dogs and puppies are provided with daily human interaction and attention. They are also provided safe liscensed transportation and travel to kennels, pet owners, and pet stores.

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Dogs are provided with the opportunity for daily exercise outdoors during daylight hours. Exercise allows for running, playing, and engaging in all types of mentally stimulating and social behaviors. 

At the Vet
Veterinary Care

Each dog receives excellent vet care, including an annual physical examination by a licensed veterinarian. Regular vaccination and de-worming protocol are administered and documented. Health issues are documented and cared for imediatly.  

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Housing is of the utmost importance. Flooring for our kennels must consist of multiple, none wire surfaces and materials that can be cleaned and sanitized. A facility that is well-ventilated, temperature regulated, and has natural lighting. These are just a few of the items required in Ohio.   

Dog Eating Dog Food

A diet with proper nutrition is very important for happy healthy dogs and puppies. Adult dogs should be fed a high-quality diet that is formulated for optimum health and nutrition. Puppies should also receive special individualized attention with a diet that helps develop and grow each cuddling puppy into a champion.    

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Puppies receive abundant human interaction and individual attention. It is a responsible breeder's greatest pleasure to socialize and interact daily with each adult dog and puppy.   

These are just some of the basic standards a responsible Ohio dog breeder must adhere to. For more information and detail on Ohio laws and regulations for dog breeders please click here.

For more information on how some Ohio breeders are going above and beyond by voluntarily participating in the Canine Care Certified program please click the button below.

Responsible Ohio Breeders Basic Code Of Ethics

  1. Provide adequate food, water, and care necessary to ensure the health and welfare of the dogs in your care.

  2. Provide adequate veterinary services to the dogs in your care to ensure their health, and welfare, and to treat conditions negatively impacting the health of the pet.

  3. Provide clean, well-kept facilities designed to ensure safe, humane, and healthy kennel management.

  4. Use proper re-homing practices for adult dogs to ensure placement in a happy and safe home.

  5. Use only veterinary-accepted methods in those instances where euthanasia is required.

  6. Provide all personnel training and a working knowledge of the dogs under your care, including proper handling.

  7. Provide transportation for dogs in a safe and comfortable manner.

  8. Any participant who willfully mistreats dogs will be reported.

  9. Conduct all business in an ethical manner.

  10. Continue to engage in and strive for best practices in dog care and management by attending seminars, and educational events, and sharing best practices with colleagues; encouraging all breeders to do the same.

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